The Green Island of Fire

(Machine translation by Matters) Green Island is an outer island full of stories in Taiwan. When I was a child, my parents had a lot of contacts with the four places on both sides of the strait, and I listened to the Green Island Serenade, the Fire Island, and the Green Island Prison. It is better to listen to the old man's words than to hit the wall a hundred times, and to read ten thousand volumes of books is worse than to read ten thousand volumes of books, but the road to Green Island is quite tortuous. This is still in time for Hong Kong Express to launch a daily direct flight to Hualien, from Hualien to Puyuma to Taitung, then from Taitung to the pier, and finally to the legendary Green Island by boat. Just looking at the degree of isolation from the world, it is not surprising that the Nationalist government used it to imprison political prisoners.

I went to Green Island in 2017, and I went to Dachau concentration camp in Germany in 2019. Both are picturesque places with green grass, but they reflect the ugliest human history. This kind of thing basically can't run on two pieces of hardware: a huge "playground" that is standard like a prison, and a so-called "dormitory" that restricts personal freedom to accommodate and control a large number of political prisoners at the same time. Each regime will rationalize its behavior under different banners, depending on its background, and most importantly, brainwashing prisoners.

For example, "Arbeit macht frei" is written on the iron gate of Dachau Gate, which means "labor brings freedom." Considering the historical background of the Nationalist government's defeat in Taiwan, the most famous slogan in Green Island seems to be the "Arbeit macht frei" carved on the mountain. Don't forget to be in Ju, the same conspicuous "I love the national flag" at the entrance, "I love the country", "Concentration of will", "Concentration of strength", "Taiwan independence is Taiwan poison" covered with moss but the same big characters , "Communist is miserable" and so on.

The words engraved on the building are naturally beautified and rationalized. Now things have changed. After enjoying the "works" of the propaganda department of the regime with a ridiculous mood, the curator of the museum is even more moving. In the permanent exhibition, cardboard people recreate the life of political prisoners in prison. They could not be called "prisoners" at that time, everyone was "classmates", and all who came in were "freshmen". These can only be obtained from the historical records in the exhibition. and image data to illustrate. At the 2017 Green Island Human Rights Art Season, I was able to observe the works of Chen Wuzhen, the artist who experienced the period of white terror, and he portrayed the bitterness in it to the heart of the matter. Personally, I like it very much. The rest will not be repeated.

There is a wall at the end of the museum, which is covered with a pile of cards of human rights memorial halls, peace museums, and war memorial halls around the world. Take a closer look at the "World Peace Museum Series" on the cards. If you are interested, you can remove the museum's cards. Cards, maybe an "extended tour" someday in the future, including Auschwitz, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, the Okinawa Prefectural Peace Memorial Museum, the Berlin Wall Museum, etc., are all places I want to go but never go to.

Today, with the end of Taiwan's white terror period, the pain and fear of the past have been transformed into a well-equipped tourism industry and even cultural and creative industries such as 'Brother Story' (insert a sentence "Gengsheng Douhua" The ice products are very good. eat). In addition to historical sites, Green Island is also a snorkeling/diving resort with coral reefs! As long as you arrive at Guijing, the accommodation party (even a backpacking inn) can also respond to the request of the guests, with tickets for attractions and snorkeling packages. The only thing is, to have a good time, driving a locomotive is the top priority. I won't, this trip depends entirely on local friends, thank you very much. The two beauties are beautiful and kind-hearted, and I hope that one will be healthy and worry-free at a hundred years old; the other will have a successful career and develop as soon as possible.