The mark of God: those ties between the Philippines and Spain

It took several hundred years for the Christians to gradually recover their lost land. Then there was the Spanish Empire, the Age of Discovery, and colonization of the Philippines. The Spanish colonizers named the archipelago far beyond the southeast coast of China in the Western Pacific, after Prince Philip II, who was then the Crown Prince of Spain, and thus called it "Las Filipinas", which is the origin of the name "the Philippines".

The Green Island of Fire

Green Island is an outer island full of stories in Taiwan. When I was a child, my parents had a lot of contacts with the four places on both sides of the strait, and I listened to the Green Island Serenade, the Fire Island, and the Green Island Prison.

The Real-Life Hogwarts Express

If King's Cross was the entrance for little Harry to get into the the magic world, the railway viaduct connecting the muggle's world and Hogwarts would be a bridge for him to enter it.

A Pilgrimage to Anfield Liverpool

Along this corridor, a sense of full immersion in the moment when players entering the stadium was created and it turned you into that twelfth man of LFC. You're in different time and space but you're stepping on the same Anfield ground where they once standed. And that's pilgrimage!

The Hidden Gem in Mist of Eibsee, Ga-Pa

A small lake at trail's left - with a signage written 'Geo 18 Frillensee'. I guess 'see' means 'lake'. Unfortunately I did not read German, nor did I know anything about the existence of this place. My ignorance at that very moment took my breath away. It's like walking into the Maleficent's forest.

Tibet Impression

That life I turned around; mountains, rivers and pagodas
Not for my afterlife but for encountering you during the journey

A Tour to Hot Springs in Shikuko

Experience the Iya Onsen at one of the Japan's Three Hidden Valley - Iya Valley, as well as the Dogo Onsen, one of the three ancient hot springs in Japan.

Neuschwanstein Paragliding Flight Experience

From the beloved green land of Ludwig II – Schwangau, to the magnificent view of the Alps. Thousand miles of journey was just that easily by wind. Looking down on the mountain range which has no end, surrounded by cold, mysterious mist or cloud? I thought I finally understand what it means by 『fly like a bird』, it is an unreachable kingdom by human’s feet.

Southern Germany Itinerary+Salzburg+Zurich+Doha Transfer BTW

Travelled along the southern boundary of Germany, passed by Salzburg of Austria, Zurich and Rhine Falls of Switzerland and was able to make a stopover at Doha for my intentional choice of Qatar Airways. Southern Germany is the main destination in this itinerary including the two major cities Munich and Nuremberg, some Nazi Germany related attractions and the Oktoberfest, plus the three scenery towns – Berchtesgaden, Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Fussen.

British Isles Itinerary to Great Shows' Filming Locations

In addition to the classic tourist destinations in the UK and Ireland, the itinerary is about chasing the steps of some great TV/movie productions. I walked into the filming locations of Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Titanic, Paddington and Shakespeare.