Seoul Suburbs Itinerary

An itinerary to Seoul suburbs for winter excitements including playing with snow, ice fishing, Running Man, Korean Sauna; plus loads of delicious food!! We went have BBQ, spicy chicken, fried chicken and ginseng chicken and more. Anyway that’s about playing and eating.

D1: 香港 Hong Kong > 首爾 Seoul > Two Two Chicken
Just wandered around and took away some fried chicken, seemed to be a famous must-eat
D2: 韓國民俗村 Korean Folk Village > 明洞猪排店 Myeongdong Tonkatsu
The tightrope walker
Dinner at the Myeongdong Tonkatsu
D3: 松島中央公園 Songdo Central Park > 仁川中國城 Incheon Chinatown > 松月洞童話村 Songwol-dong Fairy Tale Village > 特麗愛美術館 Trick Eye Museum > 烤肉村 BBQ Village
BBQ Village, located at Sinchon, had many foreign customers. Kimchi and lettuce were for free
D4: 愛寶樂園 Everland > 洪春川 Hong Chuncheon (芝士炒辣雞 Spicy Chicken w/ Cheese)
Snow Buster, winter exclusive at the Everland
Actually we didn’t know what we ordered until it came; so that’s chicken, spice, cheese and rice cake
D5: 韓服男 Hanbok-nam > 景福宫 Gyeongbokgung Palace > 北村韓屋村 Bukchon Hanok Village > 三清花韓國料理 Samcheonghwa Korean Cuisine > 通仁市場 Tongin Market > 廣藏市場 Gwangjang Market > SPAREX汗蒸幕 Korean Sauna > 白淑刀削面人蔘雞 Korean Ginseng Chicken
Let me be narcissistic for just one moment and put that large photo on
D6: Running Man 主題體驗 Treasure Hunt > 樂天超市 Lotte Mart > Isaac 多士 Toast
Go try or you’ll never imagine how hard it can be!! Keep running!
D7: 芝山森林滑雪渡假村 Jisan Forest Ski Resort > 烤肉村 BBQ Village
A large skiing resort but I could only stick to the beginners’ zone
D8: 冰之國華川山川魚慶典 Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Festival > 橋村炸雞 KyoChon Chicken
Fish catching with bare hands in such icy water…no thanks we’re good with the rods
D9: 仁川國際機場 Incheon International Airport > 香港 Hong Kong

Detailed Trip Plan