Shikoku Itinerary

The Shikoku Itinerary is all about beautiful scenes along the typical route. The transportation is much less convenient than Tokyo/Osaka but just worth the efforts.

D1: 香港 Hong Kong > 高松 Takamatsu > 高松中央商店街 Takamatsu Central Shopping Street
JR is highly recommended for Shikoku – the best connection and actually don’t have other choice
D2: 渦の道 Uzu-no-Michi Walkway > 高速觀潮船 Whirlpool Ride Boat > 阿波舞會館+眉山展望台觀城景 Awaodori Kaikan + Tokushima City view from Mount Bizan
If not having a seasickness, please do ride on a high-speed boat to watch the “Naruto whirlpools”
Twilight from Mount Bizan at the top of the Awaodori Kaikan
D3: 祖谷溪 Iya Valley > 小便小僧像 The Statue of the Peeing Boy > 和之宿飯店祖谷溫泉 Hotel Iya Onsen > 蔓橋 Vine Bridge > 琵琶瀑布 Biwa Waterfall > 大步危峽遊覽船 Oboke Valley Boat Tour > 琴平 Kotohira
A timely rain made this spot worthwhile, look at that heaven-like mist
Vine Bridge located in the hidden valley
Open-air Iya Valley hot spring bath
D4: 金刀比羅宮 Kotohira Shrine > 松山 Matsuyama
The beauty was not in the attraction itself but the long steep hike and the stone winding trail
D5: 少爺列車 Botchan Train > 道後溫泉本館 Dogo Onsen Honkan > 湯築城跡 Ruins of Yuzuki Castle > 大街道 Okaido > 松山城 Matsuyama Castle > 二之丸史跡庭園 Ninomaru Historical Site Garden > 高松 Takamatsu > 高松中央商店街 Takamatsu Central Shopping Street
Many reviews do not take the Matsuyama Castle as a contented spot, but certainly not the view
D6: 栗林公園 Ritsurin Garden > 香港 Hong Kong
Park in the city center, so romantic that it’s almost a dream

Detailed Trip Plan

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